Reclaim Your Time with Systems

Have you ever tried to juggle?

You’re trying to handle all of the responsibilities of running your business by yourself. There are no proper systems and automation in place, you are juggling WAY too many things. I get it, I was right there with you.

Qiana Solomon sitting down with client in the office and talking about systems and automation
Qiana Solomon – Mecca Gamble Photography 2020

When I first started my business, I struggled to get my business off the ground while still working my 9-5 job. I had limited time to work in my business, and too much of it was spent doing things manually. From emailing clients back and forth, scheduling discovery calls, getting invoices paid, and sending custom proposals, I always felt overwhelmed.

In this frantic state, I was also losing out on opportunities. I understood systems were critical, but back in my business’s beginning stages, I didn’t think I needed them yet. I was wrong.

Without having systems and automation in my business processes initially, I had to complete every task on my own manually. Without systems in place, my clients had to wait hours to hear back from me while working in my 9-5. When I got home, I spent the evenings tied to my computer trying to catch up. I knew something had to change. I finally realized that the only way to succeed in my business was to get the right systems in place.

Initially, I set up systems out of necessity. I simply didn’t have the time to manually do all the things my business required.

What Changed?

Working full-time in my business, I am SO glad I took the time to set up systems. I’m no longer stuck at my desk all day. I have time to focus on other priorities in my life.

Establishing the right systems in my business felt like a breath of fresh air. I focused on the work that moved the needle forward in my business.

As a mom, the most rewarding outcome from implementing systems has been the valuable time it’s given me to be there for my kids. I’m able to prioritize time with my family, and I’m no longer missing those moments of life that make motherhood so rewarding. Systems have essentially given me my life back.

I love teaching others how to get the right systems in place in their businesses. My desire is for every entrepreneur (including you!) to get the right tools in place. You can experience the freedom and ease they can create in your life and business.

If you’re unsure where to get started with systems and automation, a great place to start is 17hats! 17hats is my favorite CRM tool that allows you to automate and simplify your customer relationships! It’s a great place to start optimizing your business and improving your customer experience.