Building Business Credit as a Creative

Stop draining your bank account.

Have you maxed out your personal credit cards to invest or fund your business?

Investing in your business is one of the most strategic and productive financial decisions you can make. But unfortunately, we often think that investing means utilizing our own money.

What if you could invest in your business by utilizing other people’s money and leveraging business credit? As a creative entrepreneur, you have so many brilliant ideas or desires to do the most amazing things, but sometimes the lack of funds to help execute those ideas is the very reason that can hold you back.

Do you want to:

Open a photography studio?

Own a wedding venue?

Upgrade your studio equipment?

Or you want to stop draining your bank account on your business expenses so you can truly scale and grow your business.

Imagine the possibilities of growing your business without affecting your credit or going broke in the process.

Or you were checking your available balance every day before you continue to swipe your card.

Check out my recent IG Live: Building Business Credit as a Creative if you still use your personal credit to fund/invest in your business.

Having a plan and a strategy on how you plan to utilize the business credit you obtain is the actual play. For example, my husband and I operate an STR company, and we were able to furnish the entire unit on business credit.

Building Business Credit as a Creative (Ebook) is the exact blueprint for how we built a strong credit profile to generate immediate credit approvals.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Properly structure your business
  • Recommended virtual addresses for your business
  • Obtain your DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet
  • How to monitor your business credit scores
  • Find your NAICS code
  • Understand credit terminology
  • Recommended vendors and get approved immediately for tradelines of credit
  • and more!

Plus, you get continuous support along your credit-building journey by joining the FREE community as an official BCC member.

If you are ready to stop using your income or credit to invest in your business, grab your copy and start your business credit journey.