Beyond the Shoot: New Facebook Group

Focus on what you love- Photography!

Are you ready to Simplify & Scale your business?

In August, I launched a new Facebook group- Beyond the Shoot: Systems & Automation for Photographers ready to Simplify & Scale their Business.

*Brief Pause*

Life got in the way (death in the family and then I got sick), and I have been taking the time just to reset and recharge, but I’m back!

What is Beyond the Shoot? It is an engaging and educational community for photographers ready to simplify and scale their business with the proper tools, systems, and processes. Technology can be frustrating for some, but as long as you can understand the basics, you can absolutely outsource to someone to help you manage and maintain, BUT you have to understand the basics first.

Which one are you?


You may have been doing photography here and there for a while, and you absolutely LOVE it! You love capturing those moments for family and friends or just playing around. It is a creative art of expression for you, but you also know that you can absolutely turn your hobby into a professional business. You may have the desire to leave your 9-5, do it part-time, or make it a side hustle but either way, positioning your business into a Brand and transition into a CEO means you have to do the work. It would be best if you had proper systems in place and a basic understanding of how to shift from hobbyist to professional, and it can all be overwhelming. Still, I’m here to guide you on simplifying and sustaining your business as the CEO you desire to be.

Side Hustle

You get a few clients here and there, but you really don’t have a solid plan or strategy for getting recurring clients and maintaining your client retention rate. You desire to become a referral-worthy photography business because people love your work. Still, more than anything, they will love your process and how you make things so simple yet high touch and personal, but you struggle with getting everything out of your head into a documented process and therefore scared even to sell your services.

Ready to Scale

You’ve been in business for at least 3 years, You have systems in place, your business has been thriving, and you seem to be in the busy season year-round. However, far too often, there are still issues or gaps within your process. You have fallen victim to the wing it syndrome- you know when you spend valuable time and energy doing something because that’s just the way you’ve been doing it and it works -BUT how do you sustain and scale your business that way? YOU CAN’T, my friend. You have to fix those gaps, identify those bottlenecks, document your process so you can hire and scale your business to thrive, not just survive.

If you can identify in any stage of business, I welcome you to join my new FB Group- Beyond the Shoot: Systems & Automation for Photographers who are Ready to Simplify & Scale their Business. I’m excited to build this community just for you- PHOTOGRAPHERS!

My expert experience as a Systems & Client Experience Specialist will help you truly live your desired life and focus on what you love most- PHOTOGRAPHY. So do not worry and be overwhelmed with the day-to-day backend operations.

I hope this was helpful! – say Hi on the gram (@the_virtualkey)