4 Reasons to Niche Down as a Photographer

Niche down to simplify your photography business

There are so many types of photography generes and trying to find the one that best fits your style and interest can take some time. If your just starting out, it’s good to dip your toe (or camera-lol) into different categories to see which one you prefer the most.

Do you enjoy wedding/event photography, family photography, editorial photography, branding photography, or nature/landscape?

Once you make the commitment to choose a niche (or two) it will help you to simplify your business as a photographer and your vision and goals will become clearer.

When you niche down it allows you to become an expert in that space. You can hone in on those particular skills and your potential clients will view you as the go to expert. They will value your worth and will not haggle you about your prices.

For example: There are so many doctors in the world- some are general doctors and some continue to go to school to study a little more and become specialist. When you visit your primary care doctor you normally pay a general copay (around $25) but sometimes we need speciality care and go to the specialist and pay a little more (around $50) with no problem.

We expect to receive top tier treatment and feel confident that they will deliver the results we are seeking.

Think about it?! Do you want to be a general doctor or a specialist?

Below you will find 5 main reasons why you should consider niching down as a photographer.

1. Understanding your Audience

Once you have decided to niche down as a photographer, it will be easier for you to attract and connect with your ideal client. For example Wedding Photographer

The more weddings you do the more you will be able to understand your clients needs, wants, dislikes, and desires. Every couple will be different- Yes, but your client experience is what will remain consistent. As a former wedding/event assistant I know firsthand what it’s like working with different couples on their wedding day. Overall they just want their family/friends to have a good time and enjoy themselves on their special day.

Understanding your ideal client will also allow you to show up confidently in your marketing efforts (social media/email) and build an emotional connection. You will know what language to use and what emotions to tap into.

How can this simplify your business process?

When you niche down, it will also help you simplify your backend operations and your daily process. When you get a new lead this will trigger a workflow that should guide them through your client journey from lead to closing of the sale (them booking you)

Sales call script becomes easier. You have one script to focus on and tailor as needed for each client. Instead of having to alter your sale script to fit multiple audiences. You will be able to use key power words to connect to your potential leads emotionally.

If you cater to multiple clients (wedding, family, branding) – you will need to create three different workflows because those are three different client experiences that you will need to create. You will also have to market to three different audiences in order to connect with them, which can be daunting and overwhelming. Simplify your process so your operations runs like clockwork.

2. Work Less

Booked and busy usually leads to burnt out and overwhelmed. You want to be productive and paid for the work you love to do. Once you have found your niche and you have a set price point it will be easier for you to calculate how many bookings you want to take each month, which will help you calculate your yearly revenue goal and you are not scrambling to make ends meet each month.

As a wedding photographer let’s say your prices start at 4000 and your goal is to make 20k or more a month- then you know you need to at least book 5 weddings that month. Having a clear vision of your goals allows you to determine your marketing strategy on how to best secure those five bookings. This will also allow you to focus on what upsale options are most of your couples choosing or not choosing to see what changes you may need to make in the future. Do you want to add videography to your packages? Are couples frequently asking for extra hours? Client feedback is how you are able to structure your foundation.

3. Creativity

As a creative enterpeuner it’s important to have creativity at the forefront of your business. When you are not productive and you don’t have systems in place it will cause you to stress out and drain your creative juices becuase you are constantly worried about your operations falling apart or missing out when a new lead comes in. When you are able to work less and have the right systems in place it will allow you to focus on trying new things and stepping out of the box.

I love to use Creative Soul Photography as an example. They have uniquely carnved out a lane for themselves where they showcase beuatufil black and brown children in different elevelated characters with costume design, makeup, and hair that makes thier photoshoots so unique and in high demand. They have also been able to aling with different brands- as of most recently they did a campaing with Aveeno Baby. They have also released a book where thier photos were used to depict self love and uplift children to be confident in thier skin and who they are.

How can you stand out from the rest? What is your secret sauce?

4. Confidence

Anyone has the potential to become a photographer. It takes a person of dedication and willingness to serve others in order to turn thier passion into a career.

For example: A branding photographer. The more brand photoshoots you do it will be easier for you to learn how to best pose your subjects. What works best for different body types. What background works best for certain brand colors or what props you can suggest they bring.

If someone has never had a branding photoshoot before, they are looking at you as the expert to guide them on how to best prepare. You should create a branding pdf that highlights faq, prop guide, referrals for MUA or sytlist and explain your process from beginning to end.

Once you decide to own a business, you are now a service provider and you have to show up with confidence and authority that you know what you are doing. Do you have to be perfect? No. but you have to be willing to do the work, listen to your clients feedback, be open minded and take constructive criticisism.

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Grab your guide: How to Build a Sustainable Business as a Photographer for more tips on strategizing, organizing, and streamlining your business.