Mindset Shifts as an Entrepreneur

Manifest Your Dream Life

We hear the word mindset a lot, but what does that really mean?

June 2021, I took a three-week break from my business, which included social media, and it was the best month for me mentally and spiritually. I realized that in this season, I was mentally exhausted with just doing all the things- mom/wife life, virtual homeschool for my two boys, working with my clients, and trying to fill my cup at the same time.

I had to disconnect to reconnect to myself. My creativity was stifled, I was not in the mood to do anything, and my head was in the clouds. When you leave corporate America and enter the world of entrepreneurship and running an online business, there is no manual telling you how to do it and what you need to do. You pretty much have to figure it out on your own, connect with like-minded people and push yourself to get shit done. Fast forward a month later, and I am in such a better place. Here are few things that helped me get through the hump.

Deep Meditation

I’ve done mediation before but not as deep. So I bought a meditation pillow, a singing bowl, and a book called Chakra Healing: A Beginners Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras.

I was up before everyone else in my household so I can have 10 minutes of just complete silence.

During this time, it allows me to sit in silence, stop the mind chatter, connect with myself, and unblock any negative energy. You can sit in silence, use a singing bowl mentioned above or download any mediation/calming app. I also learned more about the 7 Chakras in our physical bodies and how to connect with the energy within. So often, when we feel off, or something is not right, it’s the energy we have blocked.

Mindset Shifts

I would say that I have always been a person that will make anything happen if I truly put my mind to it. I’m very disciplined and full of drive, and committed to doing the work. I read two very eye-opening and powerful books during my 30-day break. These books helped me shift my perspective of my mindset and revealed that many of my drawbacks or shortcomings stem from childhood traumas that I did not recognize.

First, I read You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. Y’all, this will change your whole perspective around money and how to best master your mindset when it comes to manifesting the wealth you desire and deserve. Money is currency, and currency is energy. Be grateful for all that you have and what is coming your way; even if you have a $1 to your name, align yourself energetically to be open to receive your blessing. One of my favorite quotes in the book is, “Your fortune is in your faith.” You have to believe that everything you want and desire will manifest for you. You have to trust the process, do the work, show up for yourself and trust the universe/god/whoever you believe in.

The second book was You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

This really taps into controlling the little voices in your head that lead to self-sabotage, fear, and doubt and how to control the narrative and paint the picture of your dream life by changing your thoughts and patterns and take action to change.


To operate at our highest frequency as an entrepreneur and definitely as your shifting your mindset into the CEO role in your business, it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. I encourage you right now to go through your Instagram followers and unfollow the people in your life who you know are toxic, negative, and even family/friends in real life who do not inspire you to do and be better personally and professionally. As you grow in your business, it’s also important to invest in a community or maybe even a group coaching program with a coach who truly understands your struggles and pain points will help you avoided the mistakes that they made in business so you can be better, and connect with other like-minded women.

I invested in a 6-month group coaching program called Built for Authority by Loran Elise Collective.

BFA provides the blueprint on how to position yourself as an authority as a service provider. There are so many online business owners in the online space, and it can be intimidating, but if you focus on your secret sauce and stay in your lane, you will discover that you are the only one that can do what you do and how you do it. If you’re looking for community, high-touch support from a coach that actually cares and can relate to your struggles and helps you strengthen your mindset, this is the program for you. I invite you to ask me any questions (hello@thevirtualkey.net) or head to the DM on IG.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know what action steps you will be taking today- say Hi on the gram (@the_virtualkey)