Full-Time Job to Self Employed

The thought of leaving your full time job can be scary.

It all started in late  December 2017 when my husband was in a bad car accident. He walked away with minor pain and a few weeks of physical therapy to fully recover, it really took a toll on our family. Due to my full-time job schedule, my husband was the main one to take the boys to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoons.  

Well, when he had his accident, I took off for two weeks to help him recover and drive him to the necessary doctor’s appointments. Those two weeks were life-changing, and it was the small things that I did not even realize I was missing out on. My morning started by getting the boys ready for school, dropping them off, coming back home, and actually getting things done around the house. When it was time to pick them up from school, my oldest would be so excited to share with me how his day was, and I would be just as happy to listen. 

We would all be home at the same time, eating dinner together and just enjoying the quality time.  During this time off, I was not getting paid, and my husband luckily was able to work from home, so we did have one source of income. As the time got closer for me to return to my full-time job, I was highly motivated to figure out how I could work from home as a career and be a mom and not have to choose between the two. 

My Life Changed

After doing some research, I stumbled upon the term Virtual Assistance and found The Virtual Savvy. Joining this program changed my life. I was able to identify my corporate skills and transfer them into services. In January 2018, I went back to work. When I got home I would stay up a few hours while everyone in my house was sleeping and worked on the Virtual Savvy course to help me build my foundation. While still working a full-time job, I officially launched The Virtual Key in February 2018. On March 10, 2018, I had my first client. I was a General VA, and I was charging $25 per hour. While working with various service providers after each client, I assessed and analyzed my skills, online tools, systems, and processes.

By April 2018, I saved enough money for our household, and my husband was still working. I left my full-time job and took two weeks off just to enjoy my new norm, change my mindset, and shift into my new schedule. This was it! I finally found the freedom I desired by working for myself. I was stepping into my purpose by serving others, and getting paid while spending time with my kids. 

 By 2019 I was contracted as the Booking Administrator for a top-rated start-up company in Atlanta, Ga. I ensured there were systems in place for billing, client relationships, workflow, and communication for their catering department. 

Fast-forward to the present-day, and I have niched down to Systems Specialist focusing on one service with a starting price of $2000. This allows me to meet my monthly income goals with fewer clients and more time.

What Is Your Why?

the reason why I left my full-time job to start my own business
My Family

On this journey, you will have highs and lows. Will you want to quit? YES! Doubt yourself and your skills? YES! Lose a client or two and learn from your mistakes? ABSOLUTELY!


Creating your own lifestyle and finding the freedom your business can provide is priceless! Taking a leap to self-employment can be challenging. Still, if planned and organized well, your transition will be less stressful. Prepare for the ups and downs, and give yourself a chance. 

If your thinking about transitioning from your full-time job and thinking about becoming a service provider,  I encourage you to download my Polish Your Systems Resource Guide: Essential Tools for the Emerging Entrepreneur. 

In this guide, I share some of the best online tools that you will need to help you manage your online business and avoid the common mistakes that I made in the beginning phases. Implementing efficient systems in your business from the beginning is the key to sustainability and providing a high-end client experience for your dream clients.