Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

You can schedule your VIP Day in as little as two weeks, depending on availability. You will need to allow yourself ample enough time to complete any pre-work.

Your pre-work consists of a questionnaire that will allow me to dive deep into your business process so our strategy session can be successful. You will also submit any necessary assets that is required. Prework can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your business structure and needs.

Nope! Sit back and relax as you excitedly anticipate the magic that can be created with proper systems and workflows in place. I ask that you are available for any small questions that may arise in which I will send over a message via our private Slack channel. 

I ask that you have been in business for at least two-three years before you decide to hire me; this helps you have a solid idea of your business process and allows me to know where I can support you the most.

Yes, you are allowed one reschedule based on availability and must be requested 72 hours before your original date. I know things happen that may be beyond your control, but please schedule your VIP Day when you are ready and able to dedicate the time to begin the process.

That’s fine! On our sales call I can still talk with you about your business process and recommend some options for you to try, however you will need a CRM in place before we can work together. 

I understand! You may be further along in your business and already have your systems and workflows automating like gold but a few gaps and bottlenecks are still there.

I will be offering Systems Strategy Sessions. This will be a 90 minute strategy session to identify where you can make the necessary changes. More details can be found on the services page. *COMING SOON*

As a photographer your business can seem endless and overwhelming.

What if there was a way to ease your workload while increasing your businesses productivity? Let The Virtual Key show you how to maximize your efficiency with systems and strategies created to make life simple.