How to Attract Your Dream Clients

Do you constantly attract less than ideal clients as a photographer?

First, you need to define who you are and who do you serve clearly. For example, we will use an Instagram bio.

General bio: I’m an Atlanta photographer capturing timeless moments. Please email me to inquire about my services.

🚫. This bio tells me two things- that you are based in Atlanta, and I have to email you to learn more about your services. Your bio does not tell me what you specialize in, what type of sessions you offer, and I will probably skip the email part and go to the next person.

Elevated bio: Atlanta-based photographer providing luxury print galleries for newborn, maternity, and family portraits. Let’s create timeless memories that last forever. Click the link below to book your next session.

✅ This tells me where you are located, what type of sessions you offer, the product you offer, and how to book your services or get more information.

You should have a link to your website, landing page, or some link in your bio that directs all leads to knowing more about you, your services, the investment, your portfolio, and how to contact you (lead capture form)

Your lead capture form is where you will attract your dream clients by asking ver specific questions. A lead capture form is a part of your CRM (client relationship management) tool.

One of the biggest mistakes I used to make was asking the wrong questions when a new lead inquired about my services. My questions were not specific enough, and this would not attract my ideal clients.

As a photographer, you have to be very specific on the type of questions you ask your potential clients.

Instead of this:

🚫 What is your budget? This question leaves the client to put down any budget amount, which means it may not even be one of your lowest packages. This also allows the client to control the price point.

🚫 On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to work with me? This is not a survey and does nothing to move the sale forward. If they answered a 7- what does that mean for you?

Wedding Photographers- get more intimate with your couples

🚫 Tell me about you? This can be too general, and they might tell you just about them

Try this:

My prices start at XXX; this lets the client know your price point minimum and weed out any penny pinchers. It would be a waste of time for them to inquire if they know you are out of budget

Why do you want to work with me? It makes the client think about why they are considering you as their photographer- what makes you stand out to them among all the rest.

Share your love story with me! Of course, this includes the couple as a whole, and you will already have some fun facts about your potential clients that you can connect with or use in conversation.

Asking specific questions and having the right strategy will attract you to the right clients that you are excited to work with and will not haggle you about your prices.

Understanding your ideal client will make it easy for you to tailor a unique and elevated client experience.

If you are ready to attract your dream clients, elevate your client experience, and build a referral-worthy brand- book your discovery call today! Or say hi- follow me on Instagram- @the_virtualkey

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