What is A Paperclip?

By definition, a paperclip is a device that holds sheets of paper together.

Okay, so how does that relate to my business?

A CRM – which stands for customer relationship management is an online business management tool used to keep you organized, improve business relationships, and scale your business. It is the one thing that holds everything together, like a paperclip. A CRM will help you keep track of every lead, client activity, documents, email, quote, contracts and invoices.

If you are an emerging creative entrepreneur and looking to start an online service-based business, I encourage you to invest in a CRM. The CRM I recommend is 17hats. I’ve used 17hats for 3 years and it has been the saving grace of my business. When I realized my business was growing, I knew I needed a new system in place. Before finding 17hats, I was using multiple platforms like DocuSign, Wave (invoicing), Creating PDF proposals, and everything was all over the place.

When I found 17hats, I found simplicity and structure. I have tried other CRM’s, but they were either not user-friendly or overly complicated and full of fluff. 17hats is super easy to set up and manage with branded customization. The systems you choose for your business will help you to execute your goals.

In 17hats there are three things that I use daily and I like to call them the Three T’s:

Tokens- A token is a placeholder that allows information to be auto-filled into an email or contract. I use these in forms and emails, which helps to personalize and provide a more personable interaction for the client

Tokens screenshot in 17hats CRM

Tags– TAG YOUR IT! Tags allow searching for specific information among contacts and projects easily.
Example: If your a wedding planner and a client books an elopement package, you can add an “elopement” tag, and then if you wanted to see how many clients inquired about that particular service, it’s easily tracked

Tags screenshot in 17hats CRM

Task– If I have a specific task that I want to make sure I get completed, it will go on my To-Do list in my CRM 17hats. All of your tasks are displayed on your home dashboard daily and will show was is comping up and what is due. I like to add a different color to my To-Do/Task list to stand out on my calendar.

To- do list screenshot in 17hats CRM